In vivo gene delivery

Training focus:

DNA delivery skills: Trainees participated in DNA injection in mice, which was done by staff in concordance with ethical permits. They also learned to operate a CUY21EditII electroporator used for in vivo cell transfection.

In vivo imaging: Participants were trained in detection of the fluorescent signal emitted by iRFP670, which was expressed in murine skin. After the signal was acquired the trainees were taught methods of signal analysis and visualization using the Living Image software suite by Perkin Elmer.

Immune tests by FACS and Fluorospot: Training of methods for detection of immune response against the reporter. Screening of cellular responses was performed by IFNγ ELISpot,IFNγ/IL-2 Fluorospot and intracellular flow cytometry.

Education and presentation skills: Trainees delivered oral and poster presentations during a conference on DNA immunization. The training continues during weeks 3-5 with weekly seminars.

  • Mastering of the technique of in vivo DNA transfection by electroporation
  • Mastering of the technique of in vivo fluorescent imaging and processing of imaging data
  • Training of cellular immune assays
  • Improving data digestion and data communication/reporting techniques by repeated seminar
  • Obtaining certificates confirming mastering of in vivo imaging and flow cytometry techniques