Goals of the VACTRAIN program


The VACTRAIN has 6 specific long-term goals:

  1. At RSU, train the task forces, improve research environment, improve deployment of new and refine existing institutional infrastructure(s) for development of innovative products and technologies in biomedicine focused on the immunotherapy of cancer. Through these measures, up-raise RSU into the established center apt to develop innovative approaches of successful immunotherapy.

  2. At KIEPOR, by education, training, and staff exchange, actively involve staff into the innovative immunotherapy research, shift investigations from the observational level into the active anti-cancer activities aimed at immunotherapy and immunoprophylactics, and harmonize them with the respective research efforts in CORE countries of the European Union.

  3. Basing on the trained local staff, create a unique cross-border task force (Vaccine Development Chain) incorporating CORE partner universities, for the design and testing of the DNA-based cancer immunotherapeuticals from the laboratory bench up-to clinical trials of the Pan-European level and significance.

  4. Recruit the knowledge and experience of RSU and KIEPOR and facilitate its implementation into the innovative DNA-based biotechnologies

  5. In both sites, foster an excellent research environment and establish permanent training instruments supporting the development of biomedicines and biotechnologies, specifically immunotherapies.

  6. Anchor both research institutions into the net of the European biomedical research existent around CORE/EXCELLENCE institutions; secure the continuous growth of their research potentials and international competitiveness.