Conference attendance and publications



Activities of this WP are directed towards reaching important indicators of VACTRAIN success – promotion of visibility of Latvian and Ukrainian research. Lead participant for the activity is KIEPOR.

Promoting attendance of international research meetings
Members of the Latvian and Ukrainian teams will be promoted to attend national and international conferences with presentation of their research results. A database of research meetings worth attending for establishment of the group and individual researchers in the field of DNA vaccination, immunotherapy, and immunotherapy of cancer will be established, and regularly updated. RSU and KIEPOR staff undergoing education and training will be informed through the Network web-site and in person through mail lists of the coming meetings, and promoted to attend with presentation of the latest results. One attendance per year/team will be supported by VACTRAIN, with special promotion of oral presentations. Attendance of the meetings, type of data presented, resonance of the presentations and relation to science-strengthening activities of the project will be summarized in yearly reports, and in the final report. We expeect oral presentations of the members of the task force on the international research meetings on the level of 2-3 yearly presentations starting from 2017.
Promoting visibility of results by publications
Action plan for revision, restructuring and refinement of the research directions and data assembled by RSU and KIEPOR to secure innovative research was approved in WP1. Part of the strategy is expanding the number of publications, and increasing their quality. WP4 will stimulate publication of data generated by RSU, KIEPOR alone and/or together with TWINNING partners with the emphasis on the journals with impact factor >3, preferably >5. In promoting publications, favour will be given to Open Access publications; the latter publications will be supported by the project funds. These activities are expected to increase the number of publications in the international journals in relevant field with the impact factor >2 at least two-fold (up to 10 such publications for the period 2016 to 2018); increase the number of high impact publications (IF >5) yielding three or more such publications by year 2018. The analysis will be carried out to see if these indicators are met.



  1. Promotion of visibility of the research of Latvian (RSU) and Ukrainian (KIEPOR) institutions by conference attendance and publications.



  1. Database of research meetings worth (M3)
  2. Analysis of conference attendance and type of the data presented in yearly and in final report (M11, M23, M34)
  3. Reporting on attendance of research meeting, analysis of presentations citation and analysis of the effect of TWINNING efforts (M10, 22, 34)
  4. Reporting on partner publications with impact factors and citation and analysis of the effect of TWINNING efforts (M10, 22, 34)