Project management



The lead partner for WP6 is the Research Department, Riga Stradins University, Latvia.

Steering of the Consortium
The overall management of VACTRAIN will be run by the Steering Board. Steering Board will be formed by co-opting the team leader and two team members with complementary research and educational experience apt to jointly make strategy-forming decisions. Steering Board will meet every 6 month; intermediate meetings will be held as Skype conferences. The first (kick-off, prior to or at the time of contract signing) and the final meeting will be held in Riga with participation of Board members and invited senior researchers from the partner teams.
Daily management
Management group will be formed by Manager at RSU (MSi Asja Lunga) and responsible managers at partner institutions. Day-to-day management of the project will be done by the project Manager.
Reporting to EC
Steering Board and Management group will prepare progress reports and final report to EC.



  1. Organization of efficient fulfillment of project activities
  2. Taking management decisions by the Steering Board
  3. Implementation of the decisions of the Steering Board
  4. Monitoring of the overall project’s progress and reporting of the outcomes to EC
  5. Efficient management of financial, legal, ethical issues
  6. Timely assessment of the project risks



  1. Organization of the initial pre-contract signing meeting (M-2/3)
  2. Formation of the Steering Board (M1)
  3. Holding six Steering Board meetings on month 3, 9, 15, 21, 27, and 33
  4. Preparation of the progress report to EC after 10 month (M11)
  5. Preparation of the progress report to EC after 22 month (M23)
  6. Preparation of the progress report to EC after 34 month (M35)