Britta Wahren, MD, PhD


  • Student examination, Stockholm 1958
  • M.D. Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1966
  • Ph.D. Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1966. Thesis: Immunological Aspects of Virus-induced Mouse Leukemias

Positions held:

  • Associate professor of Virology, National Bacteriological Laboratory, Stockholm, 1970-1986
  • Consultant advisor for clinical work and cancer research, Derpartment of Oncology (Radiumhemmet), Karolinska Hospital, 1978-1986
  • Professor of Virology, HIV Task Force, National Bacteriological Laboratory, Stockholm, 1987
  • Deputy professor of Clinical virology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1991
  • Professor of Clinical virology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, 1992 -


  • Docentship, Karolinska Institute, Medical Cell Research and Genetics, 1966
  • Biochemistry, Stockholm University, 1970
  • Associate professor, Clinial virology, 1970
  • Specialist in Clinical virology, 1972
  • Specialist in Clinical oncology, 1976
  • Teaching and training in Clinical oncology, 1961-1989
  • Teaching and training in Clinical virology, 1966-1987
  • Gene technology, Stockholm University, 1985
  • Molecular biology, Uppsala University, 1987
  • Professor, Clinical virology, National Bacteriological Laboratory 1987-1992
  • Professor, Clinical virology, Karolinska Institute 1992 - present

Five publications for the last 5 years:

  1. Boosting with Subtype C CN54rgp140 Protein Adjuvanted with Glucopyranosyl Lipid Adjuvant after Priming with HIV-DNA and HIV-MVA Is Safe and Enhances Immune Responses: A Phase I Trial. Joachim A, Bauer A, Joseph S, Geldmacher C, Munseri P, Aboud S, et al PLoS ONE 2016 ;11(5):e0155702
  2. Early antiretroviral therapy in children perinatally infected with HIV: a unique opportunity to implement immunotherapeutic approaches to prolong viral remission. Klein N, Palma P, Luzuriaga K, Pahwa S, Nastouli E, Gibb D, et al Lancet Infect Dis 2015 Sep;15(9):1108-14
  3. HIV-DNA Given with or without Intradermal Electroporation Is Safe and Highly Immunogenic in Healthy Swedish HIV-1 DNA/MVA Vaccinees: A Phase I Randomized Trial. Nilsson C, Hejdeman B, Godoy-Ramirez K, Tecleab T, Scarlatti G, Bråve A, et al PLoS ONE 2015 ;10(6):e0131748
  4. Potent functional antibody responses elicited by HIV-I DNA priming and boosting with heterologous HIV-1 recombinant MVA in healthy Tanzanian adults. Joachim A, Nilsson C, Aboud S, Bakari M, Lyamuya E, Robb M, et al PLoS ONE 2015 ;10(4):e0118486
  5. Short communication: HIV-1 Nef protein carries multiple epitopes suitable for induction of cellular immunity for an HIV vaccine in Africa. Kilpeläinen A, Axelsson Robertson R, Leitner T, Sandström E, Maeurer M, Wahren B AIDS Res. Hum. Retroviruses 2014 Nov;30(11):1065-71